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  • 2019-2020 Team

    2019-2020 Team

    It's not about being the best...It's about being better than you were yesterday


2018 - 2019 Siouxland Wrestling Academy Handbook

I.                Expectations of the athlete

a.     Attend as many practices as possible

b.     Develop a positive work ethic

c.     Set goals for yourself according to your commitment in the sport

d.     Remember, you are student-athlete. Not an athlete-student. School comes before wrestling practice.

e.     HAVE FUN

II.              Expectations of the Coaching Staff

a.     Communicate with wrestlers and parents throughout the season. Weekly emails will be sent out every Monday morning

b.     Set up practice schedules and communicate with everyone if there is a cancellation.

c.     Challenge kids each day to help them reach their full potential

d.     Create an employable athlete!

e.     Provide support

f.       Be a positive role model to all athletes

III.             Expectations of the Parent

a.     Attend meets and tournaments

b.     Help with hosting tournaments

c.     Be supportive of the coaching staffâ??s decision

d.     Communicate with coaching staff in regards to comments, concerns, and ways to improve your childâ??s success

IV.            Parents in the Room

a.     We ask that all parents stay out of the room for Advance Practices

b.     Parents are welcome to help out as practice as long as they help all athletes in the room

c.     The more help we have in the room the smoother practice will run. We will never tell anyone â??noâ?? to coming in and helping with practice.

V.              Personal Supplies

a.     Water bottle (absolutely no Gatorade, Powerade, etc.)

b.     Hibiclens soap

c.     Clean workout gear â?? daily

d.     Singlet (not required, but highly recommended at tournaments)

e.     Headgear (not required, but highly recommended at tournaments â?? will be required to at large State and National Events)

VI.            â??Skin Funkâ?? Prevention

a.     Wear clean workout clothes every day â?? including knee pads

b.     Wash shoes periodically

c.     Disinfect head gear/locker daily with squirt bottle

d.     Shower, scrubbing  WITH soap IMMEDIATELY at the conclusion of practice

e.     Shower, scrubbing WITH SOAP at the conclusion of wrestling meets

f.       Cover scraps and cuts with Band-Aids and/or tape

VII.           Personal Conduct of the Athlete

a.     Always try to represent Siouxland Wrestling Academy the way you would represent your own family. Prior coaches, parents, and athletes have worked very hard to make a good name for our program and we want to keep it that way.

VIII.         Practice Partners

a.     Coaches will try to split kids up at each practice to develop different practice partners

b.     Attending practices on a regular basis will be very beneficial to making this go smoothly

IX.            Participation at Tournaments

a.     As a Coaching Staff we firmly believe that competitions are a big part of helping athletes grow. Most other sports do not allow for absence if an athlete is struggling throughout the season.

b.     Finding mistakes at tournaments is the best way to grow each individual to their maximum potential.

X.             Registration at Tournaments

a.     We ask all wrestlers to register under Siouxland Wrestling Academy when registering for Tournaments. This helps the coaching staff immensely when trying to find out where each kid is going to wrestle

b.     We also ask that if possible, they were Siouxland Wrestling Academy gear if possible. This will help the coaching staff when it comes to identifying each wrestler as a part of our team.

XI.            Coaching at Tournaments

a.     Coaches are expected to be at all local and national tournaments throughout the season. As you know the coaching staff is out numbers when it comes to wrestle. We ask that you let coaches know what mat and match number you child is, so we can coach your kid

b.     Coaches will try their best to be at every match your child wrestles in. Larger tournament this sometimes can be very difficult to do. If you would like someone on the coaching staff to watch a specific match, please let them know ahead of time so they are there and ready to coach when your child steps on the mat.

XII.           Large AAU/USA Tournaments

a.     AAU Districts

               Highly recommended for all Advance kids!

b.     AAU State

c.     AAU Super Pee Wee State

d.     USA State

XIII.         Travel Dual Tournaments

a.     Travel Dual Tournament will be an option throughout the year. As a roster begins to develop we will start with the following criteriaâ??s

                                               i.     Practice attendance

                                              ii.     Age

                                             iii.     Weight

                                             iv.     Years Experience

b.     Each Dual Tournament will allow for all levels of wrestle to compete depending on the tournament. Some tournaments might be an advance level tournaments, where as others will be beginners and inexperience wrestlers.

c.     If you are interested in being on a Dual Team for the season, please let Coach Langley know as soon as you have made that decision.

Jordan Langley

Siouxland Wrestling Academy Head Coach


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