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  • 2018 - 2019 Team

    2018 - 2019 Team

    It's not about being the best...It's about being better than you were yesterday.


"Confidence and Passion. Nico would go through a brick wall for Jordan and our coaching staff.....especially Luis DeAnda whom he especially loves. He has a sense of TEAM as well as FAMILY in SWA and we are blessed and proud to be a part of this new program. Nico has matured in his wrestling technique through the year as his confidence grew and I see a passion in him as a wrestler maturing in the sport he loves......and that comes from a STELLAR program with AMAZING COACHES! Thanks for bringing out the best in my cup runneth over.....IÃ?¢??m proud to be a SWA mat MOM!" 

- Pam Venturi (Wrestling Parent)

"Owen has improved this year. Coaches are great and it's nice to have them at tournaments. Jordan has a passion for the sport that carries over to the kids."  

- Chris Scott (Wrestling Parent)

"My son (only 4) knew nothing about wrestling prior to camp is now practicing the basic moves he was taught in camp and asking if he can be on the team. Looking forward to having him join as soon as possible." 

- Jennifer Elliot (Wrestling Camp Parent)

"I love the program. Just the difference in coming from other clubs to yours has blown my mind. Its great to see you pushing the kids (past their breaking point when things get hard) because life will push you to that hard point."It's also wonderful to see you encouraging and teaching the kids to be grateful and helpful off the mat."

- Kessey Hanson (Wrestling Camp Parent)

Iâ??m a huge fan of SWA. My boys have become much better wrestlers at SWA, but much more important, the club teaches good character and sportsmanship, even in hard situations. The coaches genuinely care for all the wrestlers, and they are passionate about helping them be better wrestlers, and better people. Iâ??m very proud of my kidsâ?? affiliation with SWA, and grateful to their coaches.

- Marty Walsh (Wrestling Parent)

My son loves wrestling. SWA has given him the chance to advance his skills with camps and practice all year round. It's a great program for the youth in our community.

- Katie Clausen (Wrestling Parent)

It is a good club they work with the kids and communicate with the parents. The fact that they take out the time to acknowledge the good things that the kids do plus help them with the things that they are not good at also they are good when it come to motivating the kids. Thanks SWA!

- Loretta King

2017 USA State Tournament

Pictured: Jayce Curry, Brenden Fisch, Coach Langley,Luke Walsh, and Ben Walsh

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